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2023 CIO Agenda Insights for Higher Education Leaders

The 2023 Gartner CIO and Technology Executives Survey shows Higher Education CIOs are prioritizing growth, customer and user experience, and cybersecurity investments. 

This infographic will help you:

  • Gain insights into where your peers are investing in 2023
  • Identify the challenges while developing a vision for digital change
  • Learn immediate actions you can take to deliver on digital initiatives

Download the 2023 CIO Agenda Insights for Higher Education Infographic

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    Trending insights and tools for education technology leaders

    Resources and tools to drive stronger performance

    Gartner IT Score gives you a custom, on-demand view of your function’s performance and maturity versus a benchmark peer group, and enables you to plot your improvement path. 

    Gartner Magic Quadrant™ research helps you find best-in-class vendors of software solutions and services.

    Gartner BuySmart™ helps you make fast, smart budget and tech decisions.

    Gartner Digital Execution Scorecard™ provides a common language that connects strategic digital priorities to underlying digital enablers, to provide clarity around high impact technology investments.

    Measure, prioritize and improve your organization's performance

    Chief Information Officers play an integral role in digital transformation.

    Chief Information Security Officer enables business leaders to make the right decisions. 

    Chief Data Officers can create a competitive advantage through data and analytics innovation, data literacy and data-driven digital transformation.

    Infrastructure and Operations leaders need to keep the pace with technology innovations and meet digital business goals.

    Support for other IT leadership roles to execute on application and software engineering, IT sourcing and vendor management, enterprise architect and technical professional mission-critical strategies.

    Emerging digital transformation trends in education

    While technology in itself often drives change, CIOs must be able to tell how technology impacts the institution’s operation model, business model (sustainable funding model) and ultimately the education ecosystem. Education's evolution requires a shift in administrative and educational technologies to support new and evolving ways of doing business.

    A chart showing education digital transformation and innovation.

    Working with Gartner helps us to understand the value of what we are doing and put that in terms that the rest of the universe can understand so that we can truly measure it but more important it gives us the ability to focus on the right priorities.

    David Reeve

    CIO, Macquarie University

    Insights you can use

    With Gartner’s research, insight, and guidance, education CIOs can become enablers of student outcomes and help the education organization achieve its broader institutional mission through digital transformation, innovation and technology optimization.

    Client Success Stories for Education

    Learn how Gartner helps information technology teams in education achieve their mission critical priorities.

    Client Success Story

    Discover Cost Savings Through Efficient Decision Making

    Charleston County School District is the second largest district in South Carolina, servicing 87 schools and specialized programs. IT compliance is pivotal for school districts to prioritize critical issues and maintain industry-leading cybersecurity to enable a cohesive community throughout the state. This requires IT leaders to be insightful and calculated as well as collaborative and confident in decision making to achieve success in their highest mission-critical initiatives.

    Client Success Story

    Prioritizing IT Innovation that Aligns Mission-Critical Initiatives

    The University of Tennessee Health Science Center provides inclusive education, research, scientific discovery, clinical care and public service across the state of Tennessee and beyond. The IT department connects 7,200+ students and faculty across all departments and locations, making providing best in-class resources paramount. 

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